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My Anxiety

alison leigh s., alisonleighs, lifestyle blogger

Upon watching Lady Gaga and Prince William’s video for the Heads Together #oktosay campaign, I got inspired to go ahead and talk about my own anxiety – with the hope of encouraging others that it’s okay to do the same. While I have never been officially diagnosed, my experience with panic attacks and an all-consuming feeling of worry and nerves to the point of physical illness, I have been able to deduce that I do, indeed, struggle with anxiety. I have...

Strawberry Jam-Filled Easter Cupcakes

strawberry easter cupcakes

So this year for Easter, I decided to take the liberty of baking the dessert for our family’s annual Sunday gathering. I knew that I wanted to do cupcakes as soon as I came across this adorable Wilton Easter baking cups and picks set. The cute picks and baking liners were inexpensive and festive enough that I couldn’t resist buying them. I also came up with the idea of making strawberry cupcakes once I found a box of Pillsbury’s Moist...

Let’s Wander: Desert X

Alison Leigh S. blog

If you’re not already familiar with what Desert X is exactly, it’s basically a series of art installations that are set up in spots located within the Palm Springs to Coachella Valley areas, available for free, public viewing from the end of February to the end of April. This year, one of my best friends, Taylor, and I set out to go see some of the installations ourselves. While we didn’t make it to every single installation, as several of...